June 7, 2023

Iggy Azalea Shuts Down Coi Leray Feud Rumours On Twitter


The internet is trying to drag Iggy Azalea into a feud with Coi Leray. However, the Australian simply isn’t having it. After the latter artist called out Latto for seemingly body shaming her on the 777 hitmaker’s New Music Friday release of the week, sleuths quickly noticed a post from Azalea’s account seemingly reacting to the situation. “Sometimes the shit y’all fight about on here is so… ehhhh? Tiresome,” the mother of one previously wrote late on Thursday (April 20) evening.

Minutes after the post went up, hate comments obviously began to pour in. They markedly came from those assuming the “Work” rap diva was shading Leray with her subtweet. “Iggy bae naurrrrr they gone try to get you, sister,” one user cautioned her, though she was quick to make it known that she was unbothered by their comments. “I don’t give [a f*ck],” Azalea wrote back. “Y’all cannot convince me you genuinely care about the things you argue on here about all day long. It’s not possible. Lol.”

Iggy Azalea Speaks Her Mind

As reactions to the OnlyFans creator‘s think piece continued to appear, she specifically addressed one pointing out her post’s proximity to the Leray and Latto beef. “Iggy they are thinking you are talking about Coi responding to Latto’s diss. [She] just tweeted about it,” someone explained to Azalea. “I’m talking about the [people] legit arguing online about trivial ass topics that can never have a clear answer and yet are argued about passionately for hours on end,” she clarified.

“Anyone who thinks I’m commenting on anything else only furthers my point that this cannot be reality,” she concluded earlier this week. While her words may be landing her in trouble online, the 32-year-old’s thirst traps are doing nothing but earning her new fans, both on her PPV NSFW website and in real life. In recent weeks, she’s been modelling plenty of different bikinis for the camera as she prepares to release her highly anticipated uncensored nude coffee table book. Keep scrolling to read more posts from Iggy Azalea’s Twitter account below, and read all about Coi Leray’s internet spat with Latto here.

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