June 23, 2024

Marissa Da’Nae Shares Details Of Pregnancy Journey


Marissa Da’Nae has been very public about her pregnancy as of late. Da’Nae, who very publicly broke up with NLE Choppa last year, has been taking to Instagram frequently this week. This was primarily to put Choppa on blast of his absence during her pregnancy. Da’Nae says that Choppa is the father of her child, conceived through IVF.

However, after apologizing for her outburst about her baby daddy, Da’Nae was back to pregnancy posting. However, this time it was a personal reflection of where’s she at with the baby, rather than taking additional shots at Choppa.

Da’Nae Shares Pregnancy Hardships But Has “No Regrets”

Taking to her Instagram, Da’Nae shared two photos that she claims were taken “literally a month apart”. One shows a slim Da’Nae in a cut-away bikini. The other shows Da’Nae in a sports bra and sweats, sporting a prominent baby bump. “I was able to suck in and take pics still a month ago, today can’t suck in nothing,” read Da’Nae’s caption. “I’ve gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I get kicked in the my ribs, crazy heartburn, pee a million times a day, the migraines and kiss my ass.” she continued. She also noted that “Ice Cream is my bestie” and that “for somebody to be a pound and some change already, my back hurting badly.”

However, this was just some mild venting for Da’Nae, who opened the caption by saying “no regrets what I did out of love.” The rest of the caption offered words of love to her unborn child. “But it’s just me and my bestie,” the second half of the caption began. No matter wtf is going on in this outside world, you are my world and mean the most to me and even tho this has been a long journey, you have been worth everything. I love you. You always got me.” According to her previous posts, Da’Nae is in the second half of her pregnancy. This would put her at a minimum of five months pregnant. The post was a heartful message from an eager mother-to-be. Furthermore, Da’Nae seems intent on putting the drama to one side for the good of her child.


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