June 3, 2023

Tokyo Toni Has Apparently “Never Done Drugs,” Though She “Has Tried Cocaine”: Video


When Tokyo Toni is in the headlines, it’s usually for throwing shade at her 34-year-old daughter, Angela White (better known as Blac Chyna). The Dominican-born entertainer certainly has an interesting story of her own to tell the world. Instead, she often opts to bash her only child. She even recently claimed that the model is a part of the Illuminati. Her decision to remove her implants and fillers while returning to Christianity is also an apparent PR stunt. Regardless of the trash Toni has been talking, White has confidence in her new body and mindset. At the same time, her mom has been keeping the world entertained with various social media antics and interviews.

The 51-year-old joined The Hollywood Group Chat podcast to talk earlier this month. Though the full episode hasn’t been released yet, a preview detailing her previous experience with drugs has been circulating online. “Have you ever done any hardcore drugs? Cocaine, crack, heroin?” one of the show’s hosts asked Toni. “Um, I’ve never done any drugs,” she immediately responded, though that was quickly backtracked with, “I have tried cocaine before.”

Tokyo Toni Gets Candid About Her Experience with Drugs

After TT is pressed to answer how the illicit substance made her feel, the clip cuts off, encouraging curious viewers to tap into the full interview upon its release. Now that @theneighborhoodtalk has reposted the interview snippet, Instagram users are having a field day poking fun at the embattled reality star in the comments. “I don’t like tomatoes but I eat ketchup,” one person quipped. “I haven’t had liquor but I drink margaritas so 🤷🏽‍♀️,” someone else chimed in, obviously relating to Toni’s sentiment.

“Where is Judge Mathis when you need him 👀?” a few other users asked, clearly getting a kick out of Tokyo Toni’s latest antics. Other ways she’s caught our attention as of late include showing off her flexibility and twerking skills on social media, as well as recalling the time she was allegedly approached by the Illuminati. Read all about the latter here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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