June 16, 2024

YSL Defendant Strip Searched, Weed Found Sewn Into His Underwear


The YSL RICO case has had no shortage of shocking developments and wild occurrences as of late. Moreover, outlets previously reported news of a huge scuffle happening somewhere in the court house during a hearing. In fact, it was such a loud exchange that even those in the courtroom were able to hear it. Now, we have an explanation for that, as footage recently released of a YSL codefendant getting strip searched. Not only that, but officials found marijuana sewn into Rodalius Ryan’s underwear after they smelled weed on him.

Furthermore, the body cam footage came from Michael Seidel of WSB-TV and reveals the whole exchange. While Ryan maintained that the smell was nothing, police pleaded with him to come clean, as they didn’t want to have to search him. Nevertheless, they eventually attempted to handcuff him and he began to scream, which is what the courtroom heard. After eventually stripping him down and searching his belongings, they found weed sewn into his undergarments and kept Ryan detained. While this is an ugly and disheartening development, other updates point to some codefendants potentially seeing partial freedom.

YSL Defendant Stripped, Weed Found In His Underwear

To elaborate, Miles Farley recently had a hearing on potential bond after his lawyer Anastasios Manettas was arrested in court for carrying prescription drugs on his person. Moreover, he saw prompt release on bond and his legal colleagues expect all charges against him to be dropped. However, it certainly didn’t paint the defendants in a better light, especially after multiple instances of attempted smuggling of contraband. In addition, it also speaks to increasing tensions and distrust between the parties that, however legitimate, just makes for more antagonistic views on the matter.

Meanwhile, another YSL codefendant recently was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation after he claimed that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were giving him legal advice. Not only that, but lawyers are pushing for his case to be tried separately so as to avoid further delays in the indictment-wide trial. Another aspect that has delayed the process significantly is jury selection, which hasn’t received many recent updates. On that note, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on the YSL RICO case.

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