June 7, 2023

Chlöe Praised For Defending Beyoncé Over Low “In Pieces” Album Sales


The Breakfast Club‘s interview with Chlöe proved to be quite the interesting and almost clashing conversation, but people have a lot of praise for how Chlöe handled it. Moreover, the Bailey sister recently got praise from a lot of fans for defending Beyoncé after Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy suggested that the superstar could’ve promoted her debut solo album In Pieces more, which had disappointing first-week album sales. “The Internet felt like Beyoncé should’ve done more in regards to promoting your album,” Charlamagne remarked. “Everyone was saying because Beyoncé didn’t post [your album],” Envy added. “How did that make you feel?”

“‘I love B,” Chlöe replied, defending her mentor who signed her and her sister to her Parkwood Entertainment record label. “She supported my sis and I since we had our little locs on YouTube so it’s all love over here, I love her. I was like, ‘At least they’re talking.’ And at least people will go and listen to the project. And as much as people try to bring up numbers and things like that, I’m trending every other day. Marketing can’t buy that. A label can’t buy that. So people care enough to constantly have my name in their mouth. So, I’m doing something right.

Chlöe Defends Beyoncé

“If it was real what people were saying, my tours wouldn’t be sold out,” Chlöe continued. “People wouldn’t be singing word-for-word on an album I just dropped a week and a half ago. That’s what I have to switch my perspective to, instead of allowing others and people who aren’t doing anything with themselves or their lives dim my light.” Overall, people on social media seemed to react well to her response, even amid some haters and jesters.

“People will hate on Chloe because she’s Beyoncé protege, plain and simple. She handled the interview professionally. Haters u didn’t win shish,” one fan wrote. Also, this added to another controversial moment on the radio show where DJ Envy didn’t seem to know the singer’s album very well. The “Pray It Away” artist had to clap back and call out the unprofessionalism, standing by her art. Regardless of your take on these comments, return to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chlöe.


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