June 7, 2023

Jay-Z Narrates Fight Video Starring Gervonta Davis


One of the most anticipated boxing matches of the year went down in spectacular fashion, especially after one of the hip-hop GOATs laid down some words concerning it. Moreover, Gervonta Davis knocked out “King” Ryan Garcia with a body shot on Saturday night (April 22) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only does this bring Davis’ record to 29 and 0, but it marked Garcia’s first loss. Afterwards, Jay-Z narrated the Tank’s video package, shot by Tahliq for GTD Promo/Victor Victor. The inspiring and motivational clip sees Hov spitting the aspirational and powerful words he built an empire with.

“Everything in life is for your greatest good,” the New York legend remarked in the clip. “No matter how difficult it seemed at the time, everything is for your greatest good. It’s just teaching you discipline so you can receive your blessing. See, I’m from the bottom, from the mud. Don’t matter if you from Brooklyn, from Baltimore. All that matters is that you believe in yourself when no one else will. Any time you want something in life, you just gotta set your intention. Your intentions, your beliefs. You’re powerful.

Jay-Z & Gervonta Davis In Inspirational Promo

“When you set your intentions, you believe that s**t with your soul, a hundred percent,” Jay-Z continued. “It’s gon’ happen for you. I promise. I’m saying that because I’m standing in front of you tonight, doing what I love to do in front of all these beautiful people ’cause I set my intention. ‘Cause I believed in myself. I came in the game saying ‘I’m gonna be the greatest of all time. I’m telling you, come. Watch how we get down.”

Of course, this match followed a lot of intense comments from one fighter to another, though now Davis’ words ring truer than Garcia’s threats. “All he talks about is that one punch,” the Tank remarked. “I only need one, too. I touch that jaw and I’m telling you: you’re going to sleep. I’m going to break your jaw, I promise you. Don’t even bring your mother or your daughter.” Regardless of the trash talk, it was an excellent match all around. “I am the face of boxing,” he stated post-victory. “I just saw Rihanna perform at the Super Bowl, and I was like ‘That was going to be me one day,’ and here we are.” Come back to HNHH for the latest on Gervonta Davis and Jay-Z.


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