June 7, 2023

Diving Deep into Jennifer Coolidge’s Best Movies and TV Roles


Jennifer Coolidge has been a fixture in Hollywood for over two decades now. She is known for her versatility in delivering hilariously ditzy performances while simultaneously bringing a poignant edge to each character. Recently, fans have been eagerly watching as the actress’s fame resurges with the massive success of the HBO series “The White Lotus.” This resurgence has prompted many to consider Coolidge the latest “it” girl, even at 61.

Coolidge will be honored with the “Comedic Genius” Award at the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards in just a few weeks. This makes her the sixth award recipient, with previous entertainers including Jack Black and Kevin Hart. In honor of the announcement, let’s take a deep dive into the last 24 years and look at some of Jennifer Coolidge’s most iconic movies and TV roles.

Breakout Role Launches Her Iconic MILF Status

Coolidge’s breakout role came in the 1999 comedy American Pie. In this iconic coming-of-age comedy, Coolidge portrays Stiffler’s Mom, a seductive and hilarious character. “Stiffler’s mom,” or Mrs. Stiffler, becomes the object of desire for one of the film’s main characters. Coolidge’s performance in the movie was a hit with audiences and critics alike, catapulting the actress to stardom as one of her most memorable roles in the film. In addition, Coolidge’s portrayal of the character hit icon status, forever popularizing the term “MILF.”

Audiences and critics fell in love with Coolidge, and she is now well-known for her comedic timing. It was clear even back in 1999 that the star had an uncanny ability to elevate even the most minor scenes. Coolidge’s portrayal of the “cool mom” archetype certainly helped American Pie‘s success, ultimately opening the door for several film sequels. While her screen time was often limited in the American Pie cannon, Coolidge made the most of every moment and stole scenes with her unique humor.

Coolidge Shines As An Unforgettable “Blonde”

Coolidge’s range as an actress in her movie roles can further be seen in her role as Paulette in the hit film Legally Blonde. Coolidge’s Paulette is a downtrodden manicurist who befriends the film’s main character, Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon). The star’s performance was hilarious and heartwarming, helping elevate the film to classic cult status.

After success in American Pie and Legally Blonde, Coolidge continued to work steadily in Hollywood throughout the 2000s and 2010s. The actress appeared over the decades in various film roles like A Cinderella Story, Best In Show, and Promising Young Woman. Coolidge also made memorable appearances on television shows like Friends and Sex and the City.

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story became a nearly instant cult classic primarily due to Coolidge’s spot-on portrayal as the modernized “evil stepmother.” Coolidge perfectly executes her role as Fiona, the evil stepmother to Hillary Duff’s Sam. She’s the half-tragic villainess with a permanently deadpan expression, thanks to countless rounds of Botox. One memorable interaction with Sam occurs when Fiona uses a sunbed in the garden for no apparent reason and forgets to take her tanning goggles off as she informs Sam that she’s “not very pretty or bright.”

However, her best moment is when she demands Scandinavian salmon for breakfast. “You know it costs a fortune to fly that stuff in from Norwegia…” she says before turning her attention to the lawn sprinklers. “Droughts are for poor people…people who use extra water have extra class.” Coolidge’s portrayal of Fiona is spot-on and adds a layer of humor to the movie, making it even more enjoyable.

Jennifer Coolidge Gives Us the Best Show In Best In Show

Best in Show takes the dog show competition to a whole new level in this mockumentary that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The movie features five eccentric dog handlers navigating the cutthroat competition of the prestigious Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. Despite having 3,000 competitors, the film manages to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats with its hilarious and engaging storyline.

One of the standout performances in the film is Jennifer Coolidge’s portrayal of Sherri Ann Cabot, a trophy wife determined to win the show with her beloved pup. Coolidge’s well-developed character leaves a lasting impression on viewers with her impeccable comedic timing and on-point delivery. In addition, her chemistry with Jane Lynch, who plays her dog’s trainer, is undeniable, and their on-screen affair is humorous and entertaining. Overall, Best in Show is a must-watch for fans of mockumentary films. With its memorable characters and side-splitting humor, this movie will leave a lasting impression on its audience.

An Unforgettable “Friend” In Fan-Favorite TV Role

Jennifer Coolidge’s portrayal of Amanda Buffamonteezi in Friends has become a fan favorite. Amanda is the quintessential flaky friend we’ve all encountered at some point. Coolidge brings the character to life in her unique way. In the show, Amanda finally shows up to a coffee meeting with Phoebe, and it’s revealed that she has adopted a fake British accent and made-up expressions. As expected, things quickly spiral out of control.

Amanda inadvertently reveals Phoebe’s plan to cut Monica out of her life. Again, Coolidge’s impeccable comedic timing shines through in this scene. This makes it one of the most memorable moments in the show. It’s no wonder why Amanda Buffamonteezi has become a beloved character in Friends lore.

In 2003, Jennifer Coolidge gave us a notable guest-starring role in an episode of Sex and the City as Victoria, a woman who throws a lavish purse party after being dumped. Her performance in the episode was so exceptional that it is still remembered as one of the show’s best guest appearances. Coolidge also left a lasting legacy in the hit CBS comedy series 2 Broke Girls.

Coolidge Goes “Broke” For Hit CBS Sitcom TV Role

Two Broke Girls was a fan-favorite series on CBS from 2011 until 2016. In this show, Coolidge plays the role of Sophie Kachinsky. Coolidge’s Sophie was a wealthy and eccentric Polish neighbor of the show’s two main characters, Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behr). Her character’s outrageous antics and unpredictable behavior added a fun and quirky element to the show. Coolidge’s comedic chemistry with the other cast members also helped make 2 Broke Girls a hit with audiences. Coolidge’s performance as Sophie in the series was widely praised for its humor and energy, and she quickly became a series fan favorite.

Promising Young Woman

Another of Coolidge’s most incredible performances came in the 2020 film Promising Young Woman. Here, the actress plays the character of Susan, the grieving mother of Cassie (played by Carey Mulligan). Again, critics praised Coolidge’s acting abilities. Experts praised the actress’s ability to bring depth and nuance to the character.

Coolidge’s impressive performance in Promising Young Woman allowed her to join the cast of the critically acclaimed HBO series The White Lotus. In this series, Coolidge portrays Tanya McQuoid, a wealthy and self-absorbed woman struggling to accept her mortality. Her role in The White Lotus has been lauded as one of the highlights of the series.

The White Lotus

Coolidge has recently gained renewed attention for her role in the hit HBO series The White Lotus. In this series, Coolidge plays Tanya McQuoid, a wealthy woman grieving the loss of her mother who has come to the luxurious White Lotus resort in Hawaii to scatter her mother’s ashes. Tanya’s character is quirky, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking as she navigates her grief and tries to find purpose with the quiet quirkiness we love to see from the actress.

Coolidge’s performance in The White Lotus has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike, with many calling it her best work. Her character’s eccentricities and one-liners have also become fan favorites, further cementing Coolidge’s status as a comedic genius. The star shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her years of experience have served her well, and she has become a Hollywood icon we all need.

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