December 2, 2023

SZA Earns First No. 1 Song Of Her Career With “Kill Bill”


As her career seems to get bigger by the minute, SZA just landed the first No. 1 song of her career on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Kill Bill.” Of course, this follows a very well-received remix featuring Doja Cat that dropped recently, so hype around the track is at an all-time high which is saying much. As one of the standout hits from her most recent album, it’s been hard not to hear the song for the past few months. Moreover, the track beat out other powerhouse cuts from Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Drake, and many more.

Furthermore, this is yet another move of greatness from SZA, although a recent news story about an odd development also caught many’s attention. Jay Electronica recently revealed in verse form that the “Gone Girl” singer apparently has him blocked on social media. “I did an album with Hov, lames let all their hate vent,” Electron’ rapped. “So I fell back three years like, ‘Go ahead, be great then’ / I popped out with Flygod, I popped out on ‘Donda’ / I popped out with Russ, then Vic Mensa and then Ambré / I popped up at Spades and I popped up at Vandals / And my sister keep asking why I got blocked by Solana [SZA].”

SZA Nabs First-Ever No. 1 Song With “Kill Bill”

Regardless of that strange interaction, SZA had some thankful words for everyone supporting “Kill Bill” and its remix recently. “I jus wanted to say THANK YOU,” the 33-year-old posted on Instagram. “To every single person rooting for me. Thank you doja cat for your talent and time! This music s**t is weird and fickle, but y’all always come together for me at the end of the day. It’s why I always try my hardest to give you my best. That won’t ever stop. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!’ STREAM KILL BILL REMIX (feat doja cat) AND ORIGINAL.”

Meanwhile, the TDE star has the whole industry fiending for a feature or collaboration, including Lil Durk. “@sza the goat,” the Chicago MC wrote on his Instagram Story. “Y’all bet not sleep or get blind. Every female every car every sale she really her… I need you on my album ASAP. A hit not a regular song. Go tag sza blow her s**t down. Tell her Smurk need her.” For the latest on SZA and her incredible career, log back into HNHH.

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