June 21, 2024

Bam Margera Friends Tried To Stage Intervention


Bam Margera made headlines once again for all the wrong reasons. The former MTV star was recently arrested for public intoxication. Margera’s battles with intoxication have long been in the public eye. It seems that Margera cannot seem to defeat those demons that overshadow him. However, that hasn’t stopped family and friends from attempting to save his life. Those close to Margera have once again made it clear to Margera that he must turn his life around.

However, the planned intervention didn’t take for Margera. According to TMZ, a source close to Margera had this to say on the planned intervention. “A couple of Bam’s longtime friends organized the intervention earlier this month while he was in San Diego, on the heels of his L.A.-area arrest for public intoxication.” However, it seems a few factors stalled their intentions of looking out for Margera’s health. One of those issues is Bam’s current girlfriend. Apparently, she is against the idea because she wouldn’t have a place to live without Margera being around.

Bam Margera Needs Help For Addiction

Margera rose to fame as a core founder member of Jackass. Along with being a founding member of the legendary prank crew, Margera also had a run as a professional skateboarder. With his fame with the Jackass crew, MTV grew the brand of Bam by giving him his own television show. Viva La Bam was a massive successful spinoff for MTV. The show followed Margera and his friends continuing to do outrageous pranks and stunts. The show would run on MTV many years after the final episode aired.

Now Margera sees himself in a dark situation. Recently, a video circulated online of Margera screaming at his ex-wife in a restaurant. Margera has long dealt with his substance issue. Even former members of the Jackass crew, like Steve-O, have attempted to help Margera in his dark time. However, Margera has yet to successfully overcome all of the issues he is currently dealing with. Sometimes the person dealing with those issues has to want to see change. For more updates on Bam Margera, keep it right here with HNHH.

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