May 30, 2023

Bhad Bhabie & Emily Ratajkowski Talk OnlyFans, Mama Drama, Plastic Surgery, And More


Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast has welcomed a roster of impressive guests since launching last year. Among them are Diplo, Law Roach, Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose, and, most recently, Bhad Bhabie. The Florida native spoke with the mother of one in today’s (April 25) episode. As expected, she dished on everything from her unhealthy relationship with her mother to her controversial OnlyFans account, which she says she’s earned over $50 million from.

The “Gucci Flip Flops” hitmaker charges $23.99/month for a subscription, and while she’s made a pretty penny thanks to her NSFW content, she cautions others that they likely won’t find the same success so easily. “It’s situational. I was kept covered up for so long, right, with how they were making me dress and shit. And I was young. It’s creepy but at the same time…18 is 18. That’s what they said it was, so that’s what they said it was,” Bhabie – born Danielle Bregoli – told Ratajkowski. At the same time, she said that her mom “don’t care where [the money] comes from,” she just loves to have it.

EmRata and Bhad Bhabie Post Up On TikTok

According to the 19-year-old, Barbara Bregoli has narcissistic tendencies. “You know narcissists, they like a crowd figuratively and literally they like a crowd,” she said when recalling her appearance on Dr. Phil at age 13 that sparked Bhabie’s initial rise to fame. After talking to the TV personality about her attitude problem, the young girl was sent to Turn-About Ranch in Escalante, Utah, where she says she was forced to sleep “in a sleeping bag on a hard wooden plank” inside a teepee. The rap diva spent six months there, and once she returned, she realized how popular she had become online while she was away.

“Imagine you get home from being in this f*cking f*cked up place for f*cking six months and then you open your phone and go on Facebook and all you see is yourself, and you’re 13,” she ranted in today’s episode. Elsewhere, the OF content creator discussed her experience with plastic surgery, as well as her dislike of confrontation. Stream Bhad Bhabie’s full appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast exclusively on Spotify below. Afterward, tell us who you’d like the model to interview in a future episode in the comments.

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