June 16, 2024

Cam’ron Seemingly Responds To Jim Jones’ Criticism Of Ma$e


Cam’ron has seemingly responded to his Dipset partner Jim Jones’ criticism of Ma$e. In an Instagram post published on Monday, Cam’ron shared a quote attributed to DukeDaGod regarding haters. Cam has been working on his sports show, It Is What It Is, alongside Ma$e in recent months.

“Anybody who says ‘I can’t hate’ really wants to ‘hate,’” the quote shared by Cam’ron reads. Fans in the comments section quickly noted Jim Jones’ recent comments on Ma$e and his work with Cam’ron on It Is What It Is. “I don’t care about Ma$e. I don’t care for Ma$e too much. Tell Ma$e go say some prayers,” he told DJ Envy on The Breakfast Club while addressing the status of his relationship with the rapper.

Cam’ron With Jim Jones

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 26: Jim Jones (L) and Cam’ron attend the Def Jam Pre-Grammy Celebration at the Garage on January 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

As for It Is What It Is, Jim Jones admitted, “They’re definitely very funny. I can’t take that way from them. And they’re very knowledgeable about basketball, they both grew up playing basketball. Ma$e was cool, Cam was definitely had a chance to go to the NBA. I can’t say that with no hate or nothing in my heart. Boy was dumb nice. Since we was younger, starting at the Rucker age 15, they called him All-AmeriCam. Him and Ma$e went to the championship at Madison Square Garden and things like that, so they was some ballers. To see them on the television show is pretty dope, I hope they get a check for that.”

Fans on Cam’ron’s Instagram post have been calling out Jim Jones for refusing to make peace with the situation. “JIM JONES ALWAYS HATED,” one commented. “How you gon be mad at ppl making peace and making bread?????? Put your ego aside jimmy…you were the fuel that kept their friendship fucced up for 20 years. GROW TF UP JIM.” Another wrote, “That n***a Jim wanna be grumpy & ‘tough’ til he 80 meanwhile Cam & Mase having the time of they life (pause)”

Despite being partners through Dipset, Cam’ron and Jim Jones have had numerous spats over the years. On his latest collaborative album with Hitmaka, Back In My Prime, Jones rapped that he still loves Cam, but “when I see him it’s like hi and bye/ It’s kinda crazy, I thought it was ride or die.” The lyrics come from the track, “Status Update.”

Cam’ron Apparent Response On IG


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