June 16, 2024

Mysonne Responds To Troy Ave


Mysonne has had it up to here with Troy Ave’s antics. Recently (April 22nd) rapper Troy Ave put a new diss track out on YouTube. He was forced to invoke the voice of 50 Cent in response to the new diss. The diss track is titled “Taxi Robber,” which uses the beat from Fif’s smash hit “Window Shopper” from the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ soundtrack. Troy wasted no time sending multiple visceral shots at Mysonne.

In the song he raps: “Mysonne’s a taxi robber/Mad at me, I think I know why/ Mysonne’s a taxi robber/ He ain’t have $50 to get on Fab’s bus ride.” Not only that, the New York rapper poked fun at Mysonne’s criminal history. He rapped that the now activist “stole a hundred bucks for seven years inside” referring to his conviction in 1999. Mysonne (real name Mysonne E. Linen) was sentenced to seven years in prison after allegedly robbing two taxi drivers in New York City.

Mysonne Ethers Troy Ave

Although the song is kind of catchy, it’s clear Mysonne wasn’t going to take this diss laying down. Moreover, the rapper initially took to his Instagram to wish “Roland” Troy Ave’s government name Roland Collins, some much-needed healing. Additionally, he wrote, “Coward culture is at an all-time high.” “Once again there is no beef here…it’s just Real Vs Fake.” he reiterated. Along with that he left a positive sentiment saying, “my only hope is Roland begin to heal and Take accountability for his poor decisions instead of compounding them.” Mysonne continued his defense on his YouTube page. He pointed out that he explained everything during his VladTv interview five years ago. The rapper claimed he went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

However, he then segued into a tirade about Troy Ave and his snitching allegations. “Troy Ave been saying for years he was gonna snitch on Taxstone,” his video started. “He even did a song where he said ‘ I’m only loyal to my fam/ Middle finger from the stand.’” As if that wasn’t enough, he then goes on to play Jay-Z’s “A Week Ago.” Hov raps: You know that’s bad when your sister is mad, when your son gotta grow up like, ‘This is my dad?’/ The labeling of a snitch is a lifetime scar/ You’ll always be in jail n-gga, just minus the bars.” Mysonne let this play just before directly calling Troy Ave out. He then went on to clown the Bricks In My Backpack rapper for stealing 50’s flow. Furthermore, Mysonne went as far as referencing old interviews where Fif speaks on his distaste for all the biting from Troy Ave. What are your thoughts on this beef. Did Mysonne get the last laugh? Let us know in the comments below!

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