June 7, 2023

Nike Air Max 97 Futura Coming Soon: First Look


One of the best sneakers ever created when it comes to Air Max models would be the Nike Air Max 97. Now, however, there is a brand-new version of this shoe, called the Nike Air Max 97 Futura. Interestingly enough, Futura is a type of shoe that Nike has been developing over the last little while. There are multiple iconic Nike shoes with the Futura aesthetic. However, it is certainly about time that a shoe like the Air Max 97 gets this kind of designation. After all, it is an incredible model with a ton of history.

Now that the Nike Air Max 97 Futura has been announced, there has to be some sort of initial colorway. Fans have been wondering what kind of colorway would Nike go with. Maybe the “Silver Bullet” would work? Additionally, they could even try the “Gold Bullet” which is just as popular. However, the brand has decided to go in a much different direction that is most definitely going to surprise people. Below, you can find a green, white, and pink model that is very bizarre at first glance.

Nike Air Max 97 Futura Has Arrived

Nike Air Max 97 Futura
Image via Nike

Firstly, the shoe is covered in a plethora of different materials. Green is the predominant color here as the shade is all throughout the silhouette. Secondly, we get a nice dose of white on the midsole as there is a big green Nike Air Max unit in the middle. Lastly, the outsole is majority white, however, there are some pink elements poking through that add to the overall look.

As for the release date and price, nothing is known as of right now. However, we should be getting some information soon. If you want a pair of shoes that has a unique angle to them, then these could actually be for you. Let us know what you think of the Nike Air Max 97 Futura, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates from around the sneaker world. We will always keep you informed of the best releases from the biggest brands.

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Image via Nike
Nike Air Max 97 Futura
Image via Nike


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