June 3, 2023

Tyler Perry Movies: Ranking His Best 11 Films


Tyler Perry’s entrancing career began with his performances on stage. In 2005, he produced, wrote, and starred in the romantic drama Diary of a Mad Black Woman, raising part of its budget from ticket sales of his shows. While not universally acclaimed by critics, it was a major success at the box office totaling $50.6 million against a $5.5 million budget. The following year, he brought another sequel to life – Madea’s Family Reunion – marking his directorial debut. Again, the result was immensely successful. Gently embracing any pre-existing biases one may have, Tyler Perry movies bring messages of hope and happiness that are sure to capture anyone’s attention. 

11. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

At the onset of his career, Tyler Perry made a stunning impression on the world with Diary of a Mad Black Woman. An adaptation of one of his plays, it proved his grand potential as a writer, director, and producer. From then onward, he never looked back. With countless more productions and characters under his belt, he broadened his horizon even further, captivating everyone with new stories and adventures. Live theater may have been the preferred version at first, but Madea’s arrival on the silver screen was an event to behold.

10. Good Deeds (2012)

Good Deeds shines with an air of refreshing complexity, devoid of Perry’s signature humorous flare. While he is by no means the world’s greatest actor, his performance offers a palpable level of growth and confidence. Thandie Newton brings her character, Lindsey, to life in a way that few actresses could have done. Though their chemistry fails to be convincing, Perry makes the romantic thread work. Good Deeds stands out as one of Perry’s greatest films to date, sure to draw delight and admiration from fans who appreciate its heartfelt faith in humanity.

9. The Family that Preys (2008)

Perry’s fandom is split into two parts: the movies with Madea, which are successful and profitable, and the others, which don’t do as well. This film stands out for its impressive cast of Oscar-winning Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, and Robin Givens. Perry’s fifth effort as writer-director was also instrumental in proving he knows what it takes to make a hit. The result was an essential milestone in his career; no longer just adapting plays or crafting melodramas akin to King Vidor’s classic Imitation of Life, but instead creating something more suitable for a modern audience.

8. A Fall from Grace (2020)

Tyler Perry’s first Netflix production, A Fall From Grace, has all the classic trademarks of his prolific filmography: strong performances, an understandable plotline, and wild tonal shifts. His signature style of awkward blocking, flat lighting, abrupt cuts, and a blend of moralism and salaciousness is all present in this two-hour movie that was reportedly shot in just five days at the Atlanta studio.

The story takes the familiar path certain to be expected from this experienced filmmaker–a righteous, faithful woman faces a betrayal that she must confront with courage. Her adversary? A good-looking man predictably destined to take off his shirt. The outcome arrives quickly despite the length of the movie and will leave viewers pondering: how did that character manage to get out of those handcuffs?

7. Madea’s Family Reunion (2005)

When Tyler Perry was granted the chance to direct his own film, he revealed that he was as skilled as a music video producer. Riotous, jumpy, and childish, this is one of the filmmaker’s most difficult films. On one side, everything with Madea, Joe, and her run-down family is agreeable. In reality, it’s pretty fun. But when the heavier parts (incest, mistreatment) kick into gear, the movie gets hazy. Perry will never solely make a comedy; he loves his life lessons too much. Here, the lesson turns heavy.

6. Meet the Browns (2008)

Among his many contributions to the entertainment world, Perry has propelled several unsung actors and singers into the limelight. Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley, Cassi Davis, and David and Tamala Mann are among his most successful successes. Their sizzling vocals have caused a stir in churches throughout the country. Through Mr. Brown, Perry found the perfect partner for Madea’s chaotic hilarity. Although his plays offer a superior platform for comedic back-and-forths, this movie manages to demonstrate just how powerful the dynamic between an aggravated fashion disaster and a cantankerous old soul can be.

5. Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

A star-studded cast, headlined by Janet Jackson, brings Tyler Perry’s examination of interpersonal relationships to the big screen. The standard fare of an upset hubby, a bossy wife, unfaithful lovers, and reckless divas is present, yet the real insight lies in recognizing the connecting factors between couples. It strays from being a mere morality tale and sheds light on issues such as failings and resolutions to create something extraordinary among established genres.

4. The Single Moms Club (2014)

Five mothers from disparate backgrounds joined together after their children were troublemakers at school. Despite it being a struggle to begin with, eventually, they formed a supportive bond, helping and encouraging one another. Although this movie wasn’t jam-packed with action, their friendship was lovely. Not needing to be anything more than a pleasant and heartwarming story, it also offered comedy, romance, and a hint of drama. One could certainly call this one of Tyler Perry’s more feel-good films; its light and humorous tone contrasted starkly with his past darker releases.

3. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2019)

The three orphans had been searching for a family to call home, and they eventually arrive at their drunken diva aunt’s doorstep. Little did they know, Tyler Perry was behind this amazing comic drama. The story is simple, but the music featured throughout is breathtaking. Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, and Marvin Winans provide uplifting melodies that will rejuvenate any spirit. Most notably, Winan’s rendition of “Oh Lord I Want You To Help Me” is simply divine. You won’t want to miss this delightful cinematic experience with its soulful soundtrack.

2. A Jazzman’s Blues (2022)

Tyler Perry has become a billionaire media mogul with his plays, films, and television series that espouse Christian lessons of self-worth and redemption. His newest production, A Jazzman’s Blues, departs from such thematic elements—no risible wigs or shallow storylines here. Instead, we get two hours of carefully crafted characters and a climax that packs a punch. Regrettably, this film was released on Netflix instead of competing against a weak showing at the theater. However, it should be noted: not only is Jazzman suitable for a Tyler Perry picture, but it’s also a high-caliber work in its own right.

1. Madea Goes to Jail (2009)

Madea’s wild antics make this one of Tyler Perry’s funniest films. His performance is spot-on in even the most staged sequences, while the young lawyer caught between his former girlfriend-turned-prostitute story sees less complexity. Her fiancee’s role is nearly clichéd, requiring nothing more than a mustache to twirl. The humor draws our attention, and Perry skillfully instills its importance. He makes sure that the message isn’t lost in all the laughter.


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