June 21, 2024

Raz B Climbs Out Of Hospital Window, Sparks Fan Concern After Calls For Help


Former B2K singer Raz B recently caused a lot of fan concern after TMZ released a video of him breaking a Kansas City hospital window and escaping onto the roof. Moreover, Raz seemingly went to Saint Luke’s Hospital for a surgical procedure and had posted an Instagram video calling for help as he feared for his well-being. When authorities caught wind of his exit, police talked him inside and he is currently under evaluation with medical staff. In his video, the 37-year-old suggested that he didn’t think he would survive the surgery at the hospital. As such, this latest incident only further alerted supporters and brought up more discussion surrounding his health.

“All day I’ve been trying to clear miscommunications up, but I want everybody to know right now … I don’t feel safe,” he remarked in his post. “I’m in Kansas City, I’m at the Hilton Hotel and I’m telling everybody right now, Raz B does not feel safe. Put out an APB for Raz B in Kansas City, I don’t feel safe. That’s the location where I’m at. Call all my Army friends, Marine friends. No, I’m not good. That’s exactly where I’m at. Come get me. Yup, I’m standing right here and everybody’s gonna be compliant. I’m not saying something’s going on, I’m just letting my people know I don’t feel safe.”

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Raz B Scares Fans By Breaking Hospital Window To Escape To Roof

Last year, Raz B caused similar concern when he revealed that the police arrived at his home. However, he later explained the less worrisome circumstances concerning the raid. “At around 1:30 a.m. this morning, I realized I unfortunately locked myself out of my apartment when arriving home from an event,” he wrote. “I was able to enter after several attempts, however someone did contact the local officials. I was able to speak with the police chief and explain the situation. He was an angel and all is well now. You can only imagine how I felt being an African-American male in today’s society, and you have the police randomly knock on your door in the middle of the night.”

The B2K Singer’s Instagram Message

Meanwhile, earlier this year, the artist spoke on organizing Lil Fizz’s apology to Omarion after he went public with his relationship with Omarion’s ex. The public conversation around B2K’s legacy has also brought about much concern and care for Raz’s physical and mental state. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and is able to live a prosperous life without having to escape unwanted medical procedures. That being said, we hope the surgery actually results in his recovery. For more news and the latest updates on Raz B, keep checking in with HNHH.

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