June 16, 2024

T.I. & Tiny Seek $100 Million From Toy Company For Using Likeness Of OMG Girlz


T.I., Tiny, and the OMG Girlz have been embroiled in a legal battle against MGA Entertainment, a toy company that allegedly used the Girlz’s likeness to make their “L.O.L. OMG Dolls.” If they wanted to avoid it, maybe they should’ve dropped the obvious OMG. Moreover, the newest updates from the case involve the suing party requesting $100 million in the case regarding trade dress infringement allegations. Furthermore, they maintain that they provided enough evidence that proves the company used the girl group’s likeness without permission. The judge stated that the jury has enough evidence form both sides to make a decision this weekend.

While the jury apparently could decide as early as today (Friday, May 26), it remains to be seen. However, the way to this conclusion hasn’t always been easy, as the couple faced various obstacles during court proceedings. For example, back in January of this year, authorities declared the case a mistrial, and things seemingly came to a standstill. That being said, T.I., Tiny, and the OMG Girlz persisted and eventually reappeared in court to make their case felt.

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T.I. & Tiny Want $100 Million From MGA Entertainment For “OMG Dolls”

Earlier in May, the Atlanta rapper and his plaintiff colleagues reappeared in court for the case’s second trial, and it seems like this time they will be able to see it through. Well, at least due process took priority, as we still don’t know whether the court will side with them or with MGA Entertainment. Still, it seems like the lengthy and likely frustrating ordeal for both parties will soon see its resolution. In the meantime, they expect quite the heavy payment for their troubles. What’s more is that T.I. could have a lot more on his plate soon, according to famed producer Swizz Beatz.

Just a few weeks ago, Swizz claimed that Rick Ross wanted to go head to head with the trap pioneer in a Verzuz battle. Given both of their illustrious and long-spanning careers, this could be quite the fun and interesting showdown for rap audiences. Just like this case, all that’s left for us is to wait and see what goes down. Regardless, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and updates on T.I., Tiny, and this curious case.

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