June 21, 2024

Obsessed Moneybagg Yo Fan Arrested After Bragging About Stealing Car


A Moneybagg Yo stalker was recently arrested. Previously, the woman who goes by the name of “Poison Ivy” had been making unsupported claims about the rapper. She said that Moneybagg was the father of her child and that Ari Fletcher wanted to be like her. Social media users have often referred to this woman as an obsessed stalker. They say she has taken her infatuation with Moneybagg Yo to extreme levels. Now, a popular esthetician who has provided services to Ari has accused Poison Ivy of stealing his vehicle.

Adding to the already troubling situation, Poison Ivy seemingly posted a video on Twitter featuring the stolen vehicle. In it, she danced provocatively on the car, clearly bragging about having stolen it. In the caption, she mentioned Ari and claimed that Ari’s car gets towed every six months. Apparently, this happens because she spends all her money pretending to be Poison Ivy. The woman also boasted about owning three Rolls-Royce cars while mocking Ari for not having any significant assets. It seems that the woman will do whatever she needs to do to take Ari Fletcher down and get Moneybagg Yo’s attention. Fortunately, with the assistance of the Atlanta police, the esthetician was able to recover his vehicle. The woman responsible for the theft was subsequently arrested. Disturbingly, it was revealed that she had four children with her at the time. See the video below.

Moneybagg and Ari Are Focused On Other Things

Moneybagg Yo recently took to social media to share that he would soon be releasing his upcoming project, Hard To Love: Heartless Edition. He also created anticipation among his fans by teasing another album. Apparently, it is currently in the works and set to be released later this year. The rapper has been effectively using captivating teasers online to build anticipation. In a separate Instagram post, Moneybagg Yo openly discussed the inspiration behind this mixtape. It will serve as a continuation of his Heartless series. He has now released two singles from the project, “Motion God” and “Ocean Spray.

On the other hand, Ari Fletcher, Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend, playfully hinted at the possibility of launching an OnlyFans account. However, there is a condition. She stated that she would only pursue this idea if Moneybagg’s highly anticipated mixtape achieves top-ranking status on the charts. To further encourage fans to support the rapper, Ari Fletcher took to Twitter and shared her intention to create an OnlyFans account once the mixtape reaches the coveted number-one position. She even mentioned that she has already prepared her first video for it. However, it seems that fans will have to wait a bit longer for the mixtape release and Ari Fletcher’s debut on OnlyFans. The rapper announced last night that he was delaying his new album until June 2nd.

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