December 2, 2023

Blueface Claps Back At Shooting Victim For Courtroom Selfie


Yesterday, news hit the internet that Blueface was being sentenced to 24-60 months in jail for a shooting that happened outside a strip club last year. The news didn’t end up being quite as dramatic as it seemed though. The rapper and reality star was handed down a suspended sentence that likely won’t result in any jail time as long as he can stay away from guns and out of trouble while the sentence plays out. The result of the case has to be seen as a victory for the rapper who avoided harsher trouble despite his history with the law.

One of the more viral moments of the sentencing came as a result of the victim of the case. The man who was shot took a selfie in court with both Blueface and his entire legal team in the background. He shared the picture to Twitter and it quickly began making the rounds online. That included the rapper himself who caught the picture and posted his own response. “This man showed up to court told on me just to take a photo with me,” he said in a tweet responding to the situation. Check out the tweet he made and some of the responses to it below.

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Blueface Clowns On The Man He Shot

Before his recent sentencing, Blueface had been spending plenty of time with Jaidyn Alexis recently. Yesterday was her birthday and the pair dropped a new video to celebrate. “It’s a real b**ch C-Day today. First Lady of MILF MUSIC, the one y’all love to hate. TURN MY B**CH UP TODAY ON SY,” he said in a tweet celebrating her big day.

Elsewhere Blueface also made it clear what his financial goals are. He spoke recently on wanting “generational wealth” for himself, Alexis, and their two sons. What do you think of Blueface’s response to the man he shot taking a selfie with him in court? Let us know in the comment section below.

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