December 2, 2023

Picture Of Lil Baby And Chrisean Rock Talking Surfaces Online


Despite his best efforts, Lil Baby seems to have gotten caught up in the Blueface and Chrisean Rock drama. He originally entered it through a beef with Blueface. The two rappers exchanged some indirect disses aimed at each other on social media and in music videos. Ultimately though, they settled things. Baby spoke on Blueface’s improved treatment of Chrisean and mentioned specifically that he was done having opps. Normally that would have been the end of things but Chrisean wasn’t done.

In a back-and-forth on Twitter between her and Blueface, the rapper brought up her sister in a tweet describing her as a “real one.” Chrisean answered by referencing the fresh beef with Lil Baby and calling him a real one, which the rapper didn’t take kindly to. He ended up going on a Twitter tirade making sure that Chrisean knew to stop summoning him into her business. That even prompted a response from Blueface who couldn’t help but laugh at Baby clapping back at her even after all she praised him. Now, new photos of an encounter between Chrisean and Baby are emerging and fans are trying to fit the pieces together.

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Lil Baby And Chrisean Rock Photo Emerges

In the comments of the post, fans aren’t convinced it adds much to the story. “Oh no not two adults talking,” the top comment on the post sarcastically asserts. Others agreed leaving comments like “That’s regular conversation,” and “pls put this to rest.”

Lil Baby is also still in the news cycle for a shooting that took place at one of his shows in Memphis last month. Details emerged after the police eventually arrested the man responsible. Internet sleuths dug up collaborations between him and the man who was shot almost immediately after the news broke. Baby has still had very little to say about the situation since it happened. What do you think of the new photo of Lil Baby and Chrisean Rock? Let us know in the comment section below.

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