April 12, 2024

Julia Fox Explains Why She Ended Things With Kanye West


While Julia Fox may not have the most talked about celebrity memoir released recently there are still plenty of juicy details emerging. In the book, she talks about her relationship with Kanye West. It gave fans yet another peek into the unsurprisingly chaotic world surrounding the controversial rapper. Unlike other memoirs recently though, very little focus is paid to the physical relationship Fox and West had. As it turns out, that’s because there wasn’t much of one. According to Fox, it was more about West desiring constant attention above all else.

“I had my son, and then he want to talk on the phone a lot, and I’d have to change diapers … I bought a pair of AirPods so I could keep it in while I was doing mom stuff. It was so overwhelming and so unsustainable,” she explained during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. “Ultimately, I cannot put anybody else first. My son has to be first. It just became too much. I didn’t sign up to have two babies. I couldn’t do it. It felt like two babies,” she elaborated. Check out the full clip from her appearance on the show below.

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Julia Fox On What Kanye West Wanted From Her

All kinds of wild details have emerged from Fox’s time with Kanye West via her new memoir. She described herself as West’s “Puppet” and believed she was only there to spite Kim Kardashian. She described the feeling of being weaponized and cited it as a major reason for why their romance eventually fell apart.

In another bizarre story between Fox and West, she described the rapper offering to pay for a boob job for her during a game of Uno. Fox has been promoting her new book through a variety of methods including a social media video that got more attention for her outfit than her message. What do you think of Julia Fox’s newest revelations about Kanye West? Let us know in the comment section below.

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