April 25, 2024

Will Smith’s Kids Reportedly Feel Bad For Him Amid Jada Pinkett Smith Revelations


The news cycle has been dominated for a full week now by Jada Pinkett Smith. In a new bombshell interview and promotion for her new memoir, she’s spilled all kinds of details on her relationships dating back decades. That included information about Tupac, like the fact that he proposed to her while in prison and she turned him down. She also describes the rapper as her soul mate, which was just one of many details that put her current partner in a strange situation.

One of the biggest details that Jada made public was that she and Will Smith had been functionally separated for somewhere around 7 years. Additionally, she described them as living “entirely separate lives.” That surprised plenty of people who remembered Smith’s notorious Oscar slap. Chris Rock, the victim of the slap was also implicated in the drama. Jada mentioned specifically that Rock had hit on her in the past. While some have contested the story she seems to stand by her words. Now Page Six is elaborating on how all of this unraveling could be impacting Will.

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Will Smith’s Children Weigh In

Above everything else, Willow and Jaden Smith appear to just want privacy for their parents. Page Six reports that they “feel bad” for their dad and are just hoping that private matters could stay private. Consequently for his part, Will seems to be taking things relatively well. Insiders claim that he’s just trying to stay busy and hang out with friends and his children.

He posted a video to social media the other day right as the news was hitting its peak. In the clip, he’s sleeping on a boat and completely ignoring his phone notifications. “Notifications off :)” he captioned the clip. Subsequently, a handful of notable names even appeared in the comments to praise how he was handling the situation. What do you think of Will Smith’s children’s reported reaction to Jada’s recent revelations? Let us know in the comment section below.

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