April 12, 2024

40 Calls Out The One Sided Support Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict


Since the conflict in Israel began earlier this month, many celebrities have weighed in. Particularly in the music industry, many have taken up the stance of many western governments and shared pro-Israel messages. That got tricky for stars like Justin Bieber, who accidentally posted a picture conveying the opposite of his pro-Israel intentions. Now, OVO producer 40, whose real name is Noah Shebib, is sharing his thoughts. In a lengthy new Instagram post he expressed disappointment in how little support for Palestine is being put out.

he began discussing his own privileged perspective. “I live in Canada, one of the worlds most brutally violent colonial regimes. Still in active genocides against indigenous peoples. It’s hard to speak as I sit here benefiting from colonial violence to the highest degree. Believing in both the human rights of Palestinians and the right and need of a Jewish state has meant I have always had friends on both sides. And beyond the physical war, seeing them be pushed into extremism by such acts of violence is distressing,” he says in his first slide. But that’s only half of his message. Check out his full post below.

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40’s Thoughts On Israel-Palestine Conflict

40 continues. “This is what colonialism looks like. It’s what it’s always looked like. When will this stop? When will life win over death? The world did not come and stand with the Jewish people during the holocaust. Now we watch as the world does not come and stand with Palestine. I’m ashamed and devastated by it all.”

In the comments of the post, some notable names came to agree with him and show support. Talib Kweli, Mustafa, and DJ Premier are just a few of the big names in music who backed his statement. The post has already racked up more than 18k likes in just a few hours. What do you think of 40’s critiques of celebrity responses to the Israel-Palestine conflict? Let us know in the comment section below.

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