April 24, 2024

Rich Paul Says The Phrase “Max Contract” Makes Players “Entitled”


NBA super-agent Rich Paul did a deep dive on max contracts during a recent appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast. “It’s your approach, your play, then your professionalism. That equals your power. Because if I have a guy whose approach is right, is playing at that level, and is a professional, I’ve got all the power in the world. And the owners, they’re going to respect and accept and enhance that power. Very few guys in the league actually has the power to move the needle and have an impact on things. But because you may be making max money, you feel like you do, and we all know that is not true. That’s why I hate that word, max. Because it gives you this entitlement, and that’s where you lose it all,” Paul said in a teaser posted to social media.

In short – Paul doesn’t like players conflating “max contract” with “league power player”. Elsewhere in the teaser, Paul says there are only 9 or 10 players in the entire league with any sort of power. He means your LeBrons, your Giannises. The sort of player who can demand how, where, and for how much they play almost without restriction. Just because you make the maximum amount of money a team can offer you doesn’t mean that you get to dictate the terms of your employment carte blanche.

Harden Skips Sixers Practice

Speaking of someone who doesn’t have much power in the league, James Harden missed team practice this week. Shams Charania broke the news, stating that Harden was not at practice Wednesday. Furthermore, Charania noted that Harden had not been with the team since Sunday. Harden had already been training away from the main team group and had not attended preseason games. However, missing practice entirely is a new level of escalation. The news comes days after it was reported that the Sixers are once again no longer engaging with the Clippers and fully intend for Harden to start the season in Philly.

The missing of practice is something that experts have been surprised hasn’t happened sooner with Harden. The veteran has something of a reputation for being disruptive during offseason activities when he is trying to force a trade. However, it is believed that rumors of renewed discussions between the Sixers and Clippers compelled Harden to put in a few weeks of good behavior.

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