April 21, 2024

Blueface Defends N3on Saying The N-Word, Makes Offensive Statements About Indigenous Peoples In The Process


Blueface gave a bizarre defense of why streamer N3on is “allowed” to say the n-word. “Indians are real n-ggas,” the rapper told Adam22 on NoJumper. “I mean, who like Indians?” The Chicago rapper continued, bringing up the derogatory phrase “Indian Giver”, which Adam22 points out stems from indigenous peoples in the Americas and not those of the Indian subcontinent. In response, Blueface doubles down on his offensive statements, continually saying “Yeah but they’re Indians, right?”. Blueface is referring to the derogatory term “Indians” when used in the context of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. It stems from Christopher Columbus incorrectly believing he had landed in India when he first arrived in the Americas.

However, the topic is now a point of discussion after N3on, a streamer of Indian descent, said “Indians are n-ggas” on a recent livestream. The comment has received a lot of backlash. However, of course, there are many defenders and it appears that Blueface is one of them.

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Kai Cenat Confronts Adin Ross For Saying The N-Word

However, N3on isn’t the only streamer getting heat for dropping racial slurs. At a recent Chief Keef concert, Ross was heard using the n-word multiple times when passed the mic during “I Don’t Like”. While Keef appeared to give him a pass, the white Ross received a wealth of backlash online.

Furthermore, one of the people unhappy with Ross was his friend and fellow streamer, Kai Cenat. Cenat called Ross on stream to conduct something of a thought experiment. In short, Cenat asked Ross if he would use the n-word outside of a musical context if Cenat “gave him a pass”. Ross immediately drops his nonchalant persona as Cenat presses him, clearly not comfortable saying the word. It’s nothing new for Ross, whose tough guy “gangsta” persona often immediately melts away the moment he gets pushback about his actions or comments.

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