April 25, 2024

Cardi B Addresses Suicidal Comment On Social Media


Even for the strongest and most resilient of celebrities, online hate and criticism can be a very difficult thing to deal with. That’s what recently happened to Cardi B, who said she was having a good week until she started focusing on disparaging remarks against her online. Recently, she took to social media to address some concerning tweets she let out about her mental health and response to a lot of backlash. Moreover, this comes after various users tweeted some nasty things at the Bronx rapper. Even though she’s no stranger to attacks like these, they still don’t get any easier to handle, or any less visible.

“Cardi B the only Mexican I know that don’t work hard,” one hater blasted her with. “Hope you and your mom die,” she replied harshly, as she was on a response spree with many of these comments. “Keep wishing death on people and watch how it come back on you,” another user fired off at the 31-year-old online. “Idgaf f**k y’all,” she clapped back. “Y’all can call me Mexican bring me down, hurt my feelings talk s**t bout everything. This why I don’t release music.” “I just wanna put a bullet in my head,” Bardi expressed in another tweet, which really worried fans. “We burst,” she shared in what seems like an IG Live video clip, addressing her suicidal and aggressive tweets. “When I burst, I’m very outspoken. When I have one of my bad moments, I will literally get here and curse out everybody and f**k them.

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Cardi B Speaks On Her Concerning Tweets

“‘I want you to die, b***h I want to die, I don’t give a f**k!’” Cardi B continued. “That’s just how I just be feeling at the moment. I was just very overwhelmed yesterday, I was very sad. I just felt like I was just having such a good week. And then I felt like, when I got home, and I just started paying attention to so much s**t that people was saying about me and all the funny s**t about me, I just started getting upset about it, I just wanted to burst. I just had one of those moments yesterday. You know, like, when you have one of those moments that it’s just like ‘B***h, I don’t even wanna be here.’ Like, mentally, I just don’t wanna be here. But, like, you know what? I just feel like I needed one of those days where I let it out. Where I just wanna vibe and say a lot of s**t.

“Even today, I felt a little bit down. I was a little overwhelmed, I was crying so much this morning,” she continued. “But I feel a little bit better. Me and my sister, we went out and chilled. Went to The Bronx, went to a little lounge, we drank a little bit, we took some f***in’ pictures. Tomorrow, I’m just gonna take the day off, because on Friday, I have to go out of town. I want to chill with my friends because my friends always cheer me up. That’s the good thing about me. I have a lot of friends and I have a lot of family that will cheer me up.” For more news on Cardi B, log back into HNHH.

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