April 25, 2024

Nate Diaz Demands Jake Paul Rematch


Nate Diaz has openly challenged Jake Paul to a rematch after Paul announced his intention to fight in December. “Rematch December. You ain’t got nobody to fight. So I’ll beat your ass dec 15th,” Diaz wrote on Instagram alongside the mockup of a promotional flyer for the fight. However, reaction to the rematch was tepid outside of some of Diaz’s MMA colleagues. Paul himself responded to the challenge, posting a parody of Diaz’s flyer with Derek, the viral spokesperson for sportsbook Betr, taking Paul’s place.

While Paul has confirmed that he is fighting on December 15, his opponent remains a mystery. Most believe that it’s likely going to be a rematch against Tommy Fury, who Paul lost to earlier this year. This line of thinking is supported by the fact that Paul said the fight would be the next step on his journey to becoming a world boxing champion. However, Fury is literally less than a week removed from his last fight and would be entering a December 15 bout on two months’ training. Paul is expected to reveal his opponent in the coming weeks.

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Paul Trades Words With Deji At Prime Card

Meanwhile, Paul did recently beef with another of his former opponents. Paul squared off with Deji backstage at the DAZN Prime Card event last weekend. “I would destroy you. If we fought again, I would absolutely beat you,” Deji shot at Paul in a joint interview. “This is why I didn’t come tonight. I didn’t want to deal with all these people who got famous off of me,” Paul shot back. Paul beat Deji in an amateur fight way back in 2018. However, Paul is expected to challenge KSI, Deji’s brother. The two have been hinting at it for some time now. KSI comes off an uninspiring majority decision loss to Tommy Fury.

Prior to the KSI-Fury fight, Paul had weighed in on KSI as an opponent and his expectations for the bout. “Well, I think it’s a win-win for [KSI]. He gets the money. Even if he loses, then it’s like ‘Okay, whatever. Me and Jake both lost to Tommy. Then, we can still fight.’ But if he were to just fight me and I win, then it’s like he’s just, like, done. You know, let’s just say that there’s this chance that he clips Tommy with his wild style and catches him. It’s boxing! I think Tommy TKOs him in the fourth round,” Jake said of the fight. Of course, Fury never knocked down KSI and took a tight decision win instead.

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