April 25, 2024

Woah Vicky Claims The “Baddies East” Cast Is Made Up Of “Demons”


On a recent episode of Baddies East, Woah Vicky was seen getting chased and hit by Chrisean Rock‘s friend. It appeared as though Chrisean and other bystanders were getting annoyed with the 23-year-old for talking about her religious beliefs. The new mother then advised her friend to “go slap her,” and the friend went for it.

While this wasn’t the first time Woah Vicky’s gotten wrapped up in drama on Baddies East, some viewers were shocked that things went this far. Previously, Chrisean tried to get her sister Tesehki to get into a physical altercation with the devout Christian, after she confronted her for liking Tweets about her relationship with Blueface. Tesehki refused, claiming that it would be “bullying.” Woah Vicky appears to agree.

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Woah Vicky Shares Her Thoughts On “Baddies East”

Recently, Vicky took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the Baddies East cast, making it clear how she feels about the attack. “Every girl in that show is a bully and demons were manifesting when I started talking about Jesus,” she wrote. “It’s ok tho! Jesus still loves y’all.” In August, Vicky opened up about pressing assault charges against Chrisean, claiming she only went on the show to spread the word of God. She further explained that she didn’t go on the show to fight. Unfortunately, things didn’t go how she had planned.

At the time, she alleged that Chrisean threw something at her, and that one of her friends attacked her. In the altercation surrounding Blueface, Chrisean was seen throwing a tube of eczema cream at the internet personality. She went on to claim that though she feels as though the altercation was a set-up, she forgives everyone involved. What do you think of Woah Vicky’s recent claims about the cast of Baddies East? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Woah Vicky.

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