April 12, 2024

50 Cent On BMF Arrests: “Ain’t This A B***h”


50 Cent‘s TV series BMF is based on the real money laundering and drug trafficking group, so real-world developments have a big part to play in the series. Moreover, a big series of arrests in connection to the Black Mafia Family in Missouri might just result in another storyline. The G-Unit mogul took to Instagram on Thursday (October 19) to react to this news and comment on its entertainment potential. Of course, given that he’s juggling a few different programs at the moment, he has to get inspiration through every lane he can. Still, when you’re as perceptive and good with your gut instincts as the Queens rapper, it’s easier to find what will be the next conflict of interest for audiences.

“BMF again,” 50 Cent wrote with an eyes emoji and a mind-blown emoji, responding to these arrests. “Ain’t this a b***h, J BO story is a spin off I’m a put it on the tube you know the vibes.” Chad E. “JBo” Brown was one of the individuals that police officials recently arrested in Missouri that connects to the BMF. Furthermore, the Eastern District of Missouri shared on Thursday that authorities arrested 34 individuals on drug trafficking and fraud charges.

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50 Cent Reacts To BMF Arrests

“These indictments and arrests targeted an organization that did not just limit their crimes to drug trafficking,” Sayler A. Fleming, U.S. Attorney, remarked. “Others have been accused of laundering money for the organization or taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to fraudulently obtain thousands of dollars in loans that were intended for struggling businesses and employees.”

“This week’s take-down demolished multiple drug trafficking organizations which were the main suppliers of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and cocaine into the St. Louis region,” the FBI St. Louis Division’s Special Agent in Charge Jay Greenberg added. “Today’s arrests of more than two dozen suspects by the St. Louis Gateway Strike Force is a culmination of a four-year investigation into a world of violence frequently associated with drug trafficking.” We’ll see what other ramifications this poses for Fif’s television empire. Meanwhile, for more news and the latest updates on 50 Cent and the BMF, stick around on HNHH.

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