April 24, 2024

Free 6ix9ine Protests Erupt Outside Dominican Courthouse Holding Rapper


Things aren’t looking so hot for 6ix9ine. The New York native is no stranger to legal trouble, but after the latest mess he’s landed himself in, it’s possible he could be detained in the Dominican Republic for “years.” Us Weekly shared the news earlier this week, around the same time 6ix9ine broke his silence on the situation. “First I want to thank God that I am fine,” a message posted on his Story reads. “Thank you for your support. I will return, I love you,” he additionally assured supporters.

In his home country, there’s no shortage of haters who are constantly trolling 6ix9ine. Interestingly, he’s amassed a huge fanbase in the DR. There, people have been protesting outside the courthouse holding him in pursuit of his freedom. Photos shared by Akademiks on Friday (October 20) afternoon show large crowds gathered in the city with signs, some of them displaying the 27-year-old’s smiling face. “Tekashi, I love Papi Libertad,” one of the biggest posters said.

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Dominican Fans Fight for 6ix9ine’s Freedom

At the end of the post above, a video shows how high the energy was at the scene. Music and drums were blasting and patrons were yelling in Spanish while flocking around vehicles pulling up to the building. Some in the comments are surprised to see how 6ix9ine’s international support group has grown over the years, while others are comparing him to notorious crime boss El Chapo. “Lol you can say whatever you want of 6ix, but his life is entertaining asl,” one IG user observed. “Lol and now he is doing his s**t in Latin countries too lol.”

On the bright side, if 6ix9ine does end up serving time for his latest altercation, at least we know he’s been back in the gym since falling victim to a brutal attack earlier this year. While he previously frequented LA Fitness, as of late, the “GOOBA” hitmaker has felt more comfortable at Planet Fitness. Check out a video of one of his workouts at the link below. Make sure to tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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