April 25, 2024

SSSniperwolf Reportedly Arrested Twice In The Last Ten Years


SSSniperwolf, the controversial YouTuber facing major backlash for doxxing another creator, reportedly has something of a criminal past. Social media detectives have discovered two arrest records for SSSniperwolf under her real name, Alia Shelesh. In 2013, the YouTuber was arrested on an armed robbery charge in Arizona. Details are scarce on what happened. However, she has previously explained that she was caught shoplifting and proceeded to assault a plainclothes security guard. The second arrest came in 2016. SSSniperwolf subsequently addressed the arrest in a YouTube video. She stated that her neighbors called the police after they heard the YouTuber fighting with her boyfriend. SSSniperwolf was booked on a disorderly conduct charge.

While neither arrest led to any particularly serious consequences, they are being used against the YouTuber as a testament of her character. Her detractors have used them to paint a picture of the sort of person that YouTube is going out of its way to protect. At the time of writing, YouTube is still yet to make a formal statement about the doxxing of Jacksfilms. Furthermore, some have made as yet unsubstantiated claims that YouTube has quietly amended its Terms of Services. This has reportedly been in order to avoid having to take action against SSSniperwolf.

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SSSniperwolf Accused Of Inappropriate Conduct With Minors In Old Videos

However, SSSniperwolf is also facing some much more serious accusations. The YouTuber has reportedly deleted a number of videos in which she asks minors to twerk for her. Screenshots and reaction videos made other creators show SSSniperwolf offering to show her breasts to the individuals in question if they twerk for her. In another video, the YouTuber explicitly asks a girl to flash her breasts at the camera. However, the onscreen chatlog in her video also shows that the girl in question identified themselves as being 16 years old.

Despite these mounting allegations, SSSniperwolf appears unconcerned. She has continued to upload her content throughout the week and has not addressed any of the allegations directly. Furthermore, her immediate response to the doxxing accusations was to double down on her behavior and make jokes about the situation.

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