April 12, 2024

B2K Seemingly Reunites Without Omarion


B2K is back, but Omarion is not it seems. The other members of the early-2000s boy band linked up on Instagram, sparking rumors of another reunion. The group was last joined forces in 2019. However, Omarion did not appear in the video, leading fans to question why he wasn’t joining his bandmates. Despite this, this shouldn’t be surprising. He has been public feuding with his bandmates since at least 2021. During an interview with the New York Post, Omarion stated he had “matured” and that there was a “lack of communication” and a “lack of knowledge”.

B2K burst onto the scene back in 2002, dropped three albums during the year. B2K and Pandemonium! were both top-ten hits, with B2K peaking at #2. They briefly toured in 2018/19 on the Millenium Tour. The tour included Ying Yang Twins, Mario, and Ashanti. However, Omarion also performed a Verzuz where he insinuated that his bandmates were “glorified backup dancers”.

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Omarion Flexes His Parenting Skills

Elsewhere, Omarion has been showing the world that his parenting game is on lock. The musician was spotted at Disney World back in August with his ex and their two children. “Watch til the end to see how our day ended at Disney World. Don’t let anything stop you from having a great day,” he wrote on social media. The party of four were smiles, enjoying rollercoasters and snacks. It seemed like a great day out for all involved. As for his own love life, it’s been fairly quiet. However, he has shot his shot at Nia Long this year. Furthermore, he announced his intention to date multiple women.

Of course, things haven’t always been great between Omarion and Apryl Jones haven’t always been great. Jones previously dated one of Omarion’s former bandmates, Lil Fizz. However, Jones has since moved onto a relationship with Taye Diggs, which Omarion appears to approve of. “He seems like a cool dude,” he said of Diggs.

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