April 25, 2024

Blueface Threatens To Fight His Stepdad Following His Mom’s Jaidyn Alexis Rant


Recently, Blueface’s mother took to social media to weigh in on he and Jaidyn Alexis’ interview with Jason Lee. According to her, there were plenty of things said that rubbed her the wrong way, particularly coming from Jaidyn. The “Barbie” rapper broke down the reasons why she previously chose to move out of Blueface’s house, claiming that on top of his relationship with Chrisean, she wasn’t getting along with Saffold.

“You moved out because your man was over there with a Black girl and you couldn’t do s**t about it,” Saffold fired back. “You took my daughter up over there and got her into that bulls**t. Got her into a fight with the girl. The girl lost her tooth. All that bulls**t was your s**t.” Her rant prompted a response from Blueface, who decided to stick up for Jaidyn. According to him, she’s too old to be lashing out online like this, and went too far by dissing the mother of his first two children.

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Blueface Takes Aim At His Stepdad

Now, he’s hopped on Twitter again, warning his mother to back off unless she wants him to fight her husband. “Respect my wife karlissa that’s one battle you won’t win,” he began. “Pull up wit yo husband karlissa we can dance on sY.” His apparent threats didn’t stop there, however. In subsequent Tweets, the rapper continued to encourage his mother to come by with her man.

“On sY I’m on yo husband now tell cuz you keep speaking on my wife he gone have to squabble up dead homYs,” he added. “I’m finna put my tap dancing shoes on bring cuz right over its humble pie in the oven for cuz.” What do you think of Blueface claiming he wants to fight his stepfather? How do you feel about Karlissa Saffold’s comments on Jaidyn Alexis? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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