April 25, 2024

Ken Carson Fan Chucks Bible At Him During Concert: Watch


Ken Carson has quite the dedicated and intense fanbase, an unsurprising development considering he’s a rage exponent. Moreover, he recently faced a pretty interesting fan interaction at a concert, where he almost got hit in the head by a Bible. Someone threw it at the Opium signee from the crowd, either for jokes or to stray him away from his “demonic music and messaging,” as many have claimed. That Satanist conversation is oddly common in hip-hop, with some artists like Doja Cat leaning into wild conspiracies to clown its proponents. Regardless, with a new album to celebrate, we’re sure that the 23-year-old had a lot of fun at one of his often chaotic shows.

However, what this incident really points to is a disturbing trend in live performances: audiences throwing things at performers. Ken Carson is far from the first to experience this; recently, Death Grips cut an Arkasas show off during their time onstage because people kept throwing glow sticks at them. In addition, there’s the infamous Kid Cudi incident at Rolling Loud Miami 2022, in which fans throwing water bottles at him resulted in him leaving barely four songs into the set. Sure, people pay to be there and do what they want, but that payment is also a contract of respect and decency with the artist and with the venue.

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Ken Carson Hit By Bible At A Recent Show: Watch

Even though this will likely continue to be an issue in the future, it can also be more harmless than its extremes suggest. Ken Carson already has rowdy shows, and if it’s not the most disruptive or combative item, getting something thrown at you can be a sign of admiration. After all, many artists will take time to sign things that people throw at them or make jokes or remarks about it during the show. It’s a relatively case-by-case basis, but the focus should be on what the negative reactions to it say about audience respectfulness and good concert etiquette.

Meanwhile, after some solid commercial success for A Great Chaos, it’s clear that the Atlanta-born artist will continue his upward trajectory. Each and every show he plays will contain a lot of die-hard fans that absolutely love his sound. Let’s just hope they don’t injure him next time they throw a Bible- or just don’t do so at all. On that note, stick around on HNHH for more news and updates on Ken Carson.

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