April 24, 2024

NLE Choppa Breaks Silence On Alleged Disappearance


NLE Choppa has spoken out after being reported missing earlier this week. “I appreciate y’all showing concern but the missing narrative isn’t cool, especially knowing that people really do go missing everyday. I took a little time to myself to get back to my roots, but trust I’m all good. Apologies to anyone that was worried. We don’t run from battles, we take em chin up. IM BACK. 2019Chop,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

Choppa was reported missing by his mother, Angela Potts, on Friday, who asked fans with knowledge of his whereabouts to contact her. Potts expressed concern that Choppa was looking to return to Cottonwood, a neighborhood in South Memphis where the rapper grew up. However, Potts later walked back her statement, saying “I never intended to scare anyone with my post nor did I expect for people to think he is missing” in a follow-up post.

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Choppa Beefs With Haters

The alone time coms just a few days after Choppa was seen beefing with haters on social media. After responding “bet that” to a user tweeting “NLE fell off”, the rapper began arguing with people who agreed with the sentiment. Another Twitter user made a nearly identical claim, to which he sarcastically replied “100%.” He went on, growing increasingly frustrated with his haters. “Folks pissing me off,” he shared. “What NLE y’all watching bug beg it up”. A day later and Choppa was reportedly ghosting his family.

However, Choppa’s main evidence that he has not “fell off” was the success of the past year. “Y’all keep asking for old NLE like the music I ain’t been giving y’all recently ain’t getting plaques. I’m tryna grow as a artist but y’all want me backtracking on BS. But bet that up. I’m on straight dirt y’all got me f*cked up. One of the most streamed artists this year BUT BET,” he said elsewhere on social media. According to date online, Choppa is the 367th most streamed artist on Spotify. However, data specifically relating to 2023 is difficult to find.

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