June 19, 2024

Drake Puts All His Chips On Tyson Fury With Massive Bet On Oleksandr Usyk Fight


Drake may have just lost a battle to Kendrick Lamar in fans’ eyes, but he’s placing big bets on another fight that, instead of losing him power or respect, will only lose him one thing if it misses: money. Moreover, he placed $565,000 via Stake on Tyson Fury to beat Oleksandr Usyk in their upcoming heavyweight championship match on Saturday night (May 18), which will crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 1999. If The Boy is successful in his bet on this Saudi Arabia-located match, he would win a payout of $1 million. So it’s all in for the OVO mogul, and we’ll see what happens in the ring to lift or plummet his spirits.

For those unaware, boxing fans looked forward to this match-up for a long time, especially after a delay back in February due to Tyson Fury’s training injury. However, some fans are also wary of whether or not the mythical and confirmation bias-heavy “Drake curse” will strike again. For those unaware, it’s a joke that the Toronto superstar often backs the losing team across sports, although he has more victories than people would like to give him credit for. If nothing else, at least he gambles on everyone with the same level of stakes and respect, so it’s all on the biggest stage for him.

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Drake Bets Over $500K On Tyson Fury, Could Win $1 Million

Beyond this upcoming bout, Drake also has some other things to look forward to for 2024, including an invite to Michael Rubin’s White Party. It’s a massive annual celebrity bash full of A-listers, so we don’t doubt that it will provide some curious moments and narratives like it does every year. Most of all, it will be a nice reprieve after the absolute onslaught that was the Kendrick Lamar battle. Even the 6ix God needs a Sunday or two to rest, let alone after a pummeling.

Meanwhile, people are still chiming in on who won the beef, although public consensus seems decidedly in Kendrick Lamar’s favor. But Drake didn’t go down as many others in previous rap beefs have, and we’re sure he still has the fire to throw out subliminals and continue to focus on his flexing. Maybe the future will hold more developments in their rivalry. Still, we wouldn’t bet on anything as large-scale, relentless, or brutal as the past few weeks happening again.

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