June 23, 2024

Common Explains Why He Won’t Watch Diddy And Cassie Video


Everyone in the rap world is discussing the newly leaked Diddy and Cassie video, at least, almost everyone is. Over the weekend CNN shared a difficult to watch new clip of hotel security camera footage showing the rap mogul allegedly assaulting Cassie. The video mirrored allegations that Cassie made last year when she sued Diddy, which served as the first of multiple lawsuits that emerged against him in the months following. But not everyone is following the developments so closely.

Recently. TMZ caught up with Common where they asked him a few questions. He kicked the interaction off with an expert dodging of some proposal questions, instead promoting his upcoming album with Pete Rock which is coming this summer. For their next question, the interviewers just assume that he’s been following the developing situation surrounding Diddy. But the “GO!” rapper actually clarifies that he hasn’t seen the video yet. He reveals that he avoids things with negative vibes and instead chooses to focus on positivity. When asked if Diddy should get another chance in music, he pretty humbly suggests that it isn’t his place to judge and that he has no authority on the situation. Check out his full interview below.

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Common Isn’t Here For Negative Vibes

Though Common isn’t engaging with the Diddy situation directly, plenty of others are. That’s included numerous incredibly strongly-worded refutations of his apology in particular. Aubrey O’Day has been one of the loudest critics of Diddy and she unsurprisingly had thoughts on his apology. She called is dishonest and pointed out his complete denial of the claims made by Cassie back when there was no video evidence. Charlamagne The God made similar claims about the authenticity of the feelings going into his apology.

What do you think of Common avoiding watching the Diddy and Cassie video that the rap world has been talking about altogether? Do you agree with his philosophy to only focus on things that are bringing a positive energy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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