June 23, 2024

Diddy’s Music To Be Removed From All Future Peloton Classes


Everyone is reacting to the newest developments in the ongoing drama that has plagued Diddy since last year. It was months ago back in 2023 when the damn first broke. That started with a lawsuit filed against the rap mogul by Cassie last year. That turned out to be the first in an ongoing series of accusations being made by various people claiming decades of bad behavior. It peaked back in March when two of his properties were raided by the federal government as part of an investigation into allegations of sex trafficking.

But over the weekend the Cassie case was brought back into the light. That sparked from the release of a leaked video of hotel security camera footage showing the assault that was alleged in the lawsuit. It led to a brand new wave of backlash from the rap world. Diddy attempted to apologize for his actions in the video but his apology was also roundly rejected by many, People like Aubrey O’Day and Charlamagne The God picked apart why they think he was being disingenuous. Now the rap mogul’s business ties are further being affected by the developments. Check out a new post from exercise equipment brand Peloton below.

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Peloton Cutting Ties With Diddy

Earlier this week, a Facebook campaign sought to have Diddy’s material removed from Peloton. It’s not clear if the company’s moves spawned from the campaign itself or were already in motion. But it took the opportunity to share some news with users. “We take this issue very seriously and can confirm Peloton has paused the use of Sean Combs’ music, as well as removed the Bad Boy Entertainment Artist Series, on our platform” a statement made but the company reads.

What do you think of Peloton removing Diddy’s music from all of their newly produced exercise classes? Do you think the rap mogul will ultimately faced any consequences for the behavior he’s been accused of? Let us know in the comment section below.

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