June 23, 2024

Fat Joe Is Standing Behind His Beloved Knicks After Heartbreaking Playoff Exit


Despite the Knicks’ valiant efforts in the semifinal NBA Playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, they were unable to secure a victory. In a high-stakes game seven at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks battled hard but were ultimately outplayed by the Pacers, losing by a significant 21 points. The team’s performance was hampered by a series of injuries, which further added to their challenges. However, even in the face of their elimination from the 2024 Playoffs, Fat Joe’s support for his beloved team remains unwavering.

Fat Joe said of the Knicks season on Instagram Live after the game, “I’m proud of my team. So proud of them. Unfortunately, you gotta lose to win.” He continued, “Like we saw with OKC and we saw with all these other young teams, for some reason, they gotta lose to get that experience — to get that final instinct so they could win.” Overall, Fat Joe is proud of his beloved team and is looking forward to an even better season next year. Sometimes, teams are unlucky, and the Knicks were super unlucky on the injury front. Fat Joe is confident they will respond big time next season. 

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Fat Joe Sends Message To The Knicks

He began by congratulating the Pacers on their victory and then explained why Knicks supporters were so fervent about this season. Fat Joe said, “When you lose 29 years — 29 years in a row! 29 years since the last game 7 — everyone wants to say the Knicks fans are exaggerated, we go too crazy. Nah, we been loyal fans. The arena been sold out for 29 years. A lot of y’all so-called real fans from other teams, y’all arenas be empty and you only come around when they winning at the end. Not Madison Square Garden! Sold out for 29 years.” The Knicks players’ many injuries during the series, which he believes finally put a stop to their season, were then described in detail.

He said, “We ain’t got nothing to be sad about, we got nothing to be upset about,” he concluded. “We overachievers. I wanna salute the coach, I wanna salute the players, I wanna salute the fans. Hell of a run this year. We’ll be back next year.” The Knicks will be back, and with a few smart decisions, they could be back better than ever. Jalen Brunson proved he is a superstar. They have depth and assets to flip. Overall, Fat Joe is right to be optimistic about the Knicks next season. 

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