February 21, 2024

Dapper Dan Makes History With Partnership With GAP


Harlem fashion icon, Dapper Dan took to Instagram to announce his new collaboration with GAP. Dan is a trailblazer and has been making history in the fashion world for decades. It’s safe to say the 77-year-old legend is not finished. 

Dapper Dan


Following his partnership with Gucci in 2017, Dan linked up with GAP for a new partnership venture

The icon has now made history as the first designer to have his name on the ‘exclusive’ hoodie. The hoodie is a spin on the classic GAP logo hoodie. Instead of “GAP”, it reads
“DAP” in reference to Dapper Dan. 

On Instagram, Dapper Dan wrote:

“At 4pm today, history will be made again! From a Harlem hood to a GAP hoodie, the first designer to ever have his name on a GAP hoodie. DAP X GAP will be available for you all at 4pm EST on gap.com. Be sure to catch the wave!!”

Trendsetters caught the wave, and by 4:01 pm all hoodies were sold out. This left many buyers upset at how quickly the item sold out. One buyer took to Twitter and said:

“Did I just set my alarm so I can get that Dapper Dan X GAP hoodie?! Yes I did.” 

GAP made it known the hoodie inventory is limited. However, considering this collaboration is a first, GAP should have definitely made more hoodies.

Meanwhile, a buyer took to GAP’s Instagram and said: “Ain’t no way this sold out before it was even listed on the site.”

Hopefully, GAP sees the numbers in sales and re-release the exclusive hoodie.

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