June 23, 2024

Tekashi69 Tells Judge He Is Too Broke To Pay Civil Judgment


Tekashi69 tells a NY judge he is financially struggling and can’t pay up in a civil lawsuit, according to court documents obtained by SOHH.com,



The civil lawsuit stems from a robbery in 2018 of victims Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier.  In 2018, Tekashi69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was indirectly involved in a robbery of Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier while with the Nine-Trey blood gang.  Tekashi and crew mistakenly identified the two publicists as being affiliated with Rap-a-lot Records – a label that they were in a well-publicized beef with at the time.  Wonzer and Dozier, said they had been invited to record a podcast with 50 Cent collaborator DJ Thoro in NYC and wound up being confronted by 6ix9ine’s crew. 

During Tekashi’s trial, he admitted to his involvement in the robbery thus providing grounds to him being held liable civilly.

In court documents obtained by SOHH.com Tekashi69 tells the judge he cannot afford to pay a civil judgment.

In the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK on March 11th, Tekashi stated to the judge  “I was signed to a recording agreement with TenThousand Projects, but that agreement expired last month. I have not released any music since my home confinement in 2020. I was signed to a merchandise deal, but that agreement ended in February 2022. I am still signed to a publishing deal, but my royalty account remains unrecouped, so I am not presently receiving any income from that deal. I did receive large advances under the recording artist and merchandising agreements prior to my arrest. However, I do not receive any royalties under those agreements either since my royalty accounts remain unrecouped.”  

He also went on to say, “Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet. I do not know if I will ever command the kind of advances I was paid before my arrest, and my career stalled. If the Court awards the compensatory damages and punitive damages sought by Plaintiffs at this inquest, it will surely bankrupt me in a way from which I will never recover to the permanent detriment and hardship of the family members who rely upon me.”

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