March 5, 2024

Will Smith Tells Gayle King Infidelity ‘Never Happened’ With Jada


In 2020, actor and former rapper Will Smith‘s marriage was a hot topic on blogs and social media when it came out that actress and wife Jada Pinkett Smith was in an “entanglement” with singer August Alsina. The marriage gained further public attention when the couple went on Jada’s Red Table talk show to talk about the affair.

Will x Jada


Yesterday, CBS aired a clip from Smith’s interview with Gayle King. During the interview, Will denied the allegations of cheating in their marriage. He said, “There has never been infidelity in our marriage, we talk everything, we never surprised one another with anything, ever.”

Smith also talked about the job he has done as an actor coming off his Oscar-nominated performance for “King Richard,” playing Richard, the father of the Willams sisters Venus and Serena.

I think I’m a better actor than I ever was before and I think these next 10 years will be at the top of my acting performances. But I feel I can help people, there’s a teacher in me that’s trying to get out. I’ve learned how to be happy here and I’ve learned to create a love that I want to share.

In January, Smith won Best Actor for his performance in the aforementioned “King Richard” at the Golden Globes Awards. Smith beat Denzel Washington, Javier Bardem, Mahershala Ali, and Benedict to the prize.

Meanwhile, it appears he was successful with his plan to get his six packs back. After opening up on social media last year about being in the worst shape of his life, the Grammy winner and Oscar nominee committed to change.  The veteran performer partnered with YouTube for a series with the working title “Best Shape of My Life,” where he shared his fitness journey with the public.

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