These delivery drivers are getting out of hand. During the 2020 quarantine, delivery apps saw a surge as people were stuck at home during a global pandemic. Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, and more found themselves a necessity for millions of people, and although much of the world is “back outside,” those delivery apps continue to be favorites.

However, the drivers aren’t always as ethical as we’ve seen on social media. Some eat some of the food before dropping it off to customers, others just don’t deliver meals at all, and if you’re like Fabolous, you’re catching a driver breaking into your car and stealing your property.

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images 

On Instagram, Fab shared a video that showed someone emerging from a vehicle while holding several boxes of shoes. In the caption, the Rap icon revealed that this was a DoorDash driver for someone else in the neighborhood who looked to have patrolled the area, found a vehicle with items in it, and decided it was their lucky day. Unfortunately for the thief, it was Fabolous‘s car and he had surveillance all around. The driver even looked to have flipped off a camera.

“Yesterday afternoon a DOOR DASH DELIVERY GUY bringing a order to someone else in NEW JERSEY decided to STEAL me & my Son’s sneakers & clothes out of my car !!!” the rapper wrote alongside footage of the robbery. Fabolous added that if the items are returned ASAP, he wouldn’t involve DoorDash or the authorities. However, if not, he planned to make sure the person was punished.

“I’m giving the opportunity here & now to whoever this dude is to return the stuff stolen. I will take it back with no consequence, & let it slide. IF NOT, i have plenty of video footage, the delivery car info, the Door Dash pick up info & even will reach out to door dash & get all information involved with the driver/vehicle… If you know this guy or this is your family or friend u should holla at him to return it ASAP. YALL CAN DM ME & this will be handled & left as a mistake or opportunity.”

Fab added that years in jail over some sneakers and jackets “isn’t worth it” and left his DMs open for anyone with information. Check out the videos below.