Gear up to hear much more about Kanye West‘s Instagram suspension. We previously reported on the news that West has been suspended for 24 hours from the popular app after a Meta spokesperson reportedly claimed he was disciplined for bullying, harassment, and hate speech. The Donda hitmaker has been firing off posts for months about his split from Kim Kardashian and her subsequent romance with Pete Davidson. Anyone who chimes in is also a target, as seen by the likes of DL Hughley and Trevor Noah in recent days, but the Rap mogul is adamant that he is defending his children.

Anytime West makes a post he gains support from tens of thousands of followers worldwide, but he recently complained that he didn’t have any celebrity friends who have stuck by his side. The Game took to his Instagram to speak about West’s suspension and defended his “Eazy” collaborator.

Game shared a post that simply stated “Free Ye” and in the caption, he called out the platform for paying attention to West while there is a conflict overseas.

“IG funny as hell with what they say violates their policies etc,” he wrote. “It’s a whole war going on in Ukraine & hate posts surrounding it that add fuel to the fire + Africans being violated & barred from crossing borders to safety with racists comments/content attached…. and y’all zero’d in on Ye’s posts about the protection of his children, his fatherhood & him speaking his truth in defense to the coonery displayed by other verified users on this app that further complicate his situation in regards to his family.”

The message was met with mixed reactions and people didn’t hesitate at letting their voices be heard in his comments. Meanwhile, French Montana declared that West would launch his own platform. It isn’t far-fetched. Check it out below.