February 21, 2024

Normani Drops “Fair” Single | 2DOPEBOYZ


The follow-up to 2021’s “Wild Side,” Normani releases her new single “Fair.

“I always told myself that I owed it to me to put out something that I really believe in and connect with for such a long time,” she said to Zane Lowe of Apple music. “Obviously with the group that I came from, I just, I made myself that promise that God gave me another opportunity to do things for me and the way that I want them to be and the visions that he’s placed on my heart. That for me, this record, it’s so, so important aside from what the rest of the world may also want, which is coming. I know they want me to move. I know they want me to entertain. And this record is another layer of who I am and my experiences. And I feel like I grew up in the public eye, so it’s been very, very scary. And very complicated. And a sense of forcing myself into this idea of perfection to protect myself, you know? But this is the first time that I’m just free falling, in a sense. And it’s scary, but freeing. This is me being vulnerable, and really captures a true and raw point in my experience that I wanted to share, and I hope that people can connect with.”

Listen to it below.


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