September 26, 2023

DeShaun Watson Traded To The Cleveland Browns In Historic $230 Million Deal


After it was revealed DeShaun Watson would not face criminal charges, the bidding war for him began and the Cleveland Browns came out on top in a historic deal.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

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DeShaun Watson hasn’t touched a football field in over a year due to facing pretty serious allegations.

Last March, 22 women filed lawsuit against Watson accusing him of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. This month, he was cleared of criminal charges by a grand jury after a year of investigations from the NFL and FBI. This cleared the way for teams to start a bidding war for the QB, which kicked off instantly.

The Saints, Panthers, Browns, and Falcons quickly became the top contenders. By Saturday, the word on the street was DeShaun was unofficially going to the Atlanta Falcons, which made sense, since he’s from the area and probably wants to be in his hometown for support.

In a wild turn of events, Watson decided he would rather play in Cleveland, waiving his no-trade clause for $230 million fully guaranteed. While the Falcons sounds great, that much fully guaranteed money would make anyone change their mind and make them head to Ohio.

This deal is the most fully guaranteed money in the history of the sport and also signals the final nail in the Baker Mayfield coffin in Cleveland, further proving Odell Beckham wasn’t the problem. Watson still could face an NFL suspension over his alleged off-the-field behavior and will most certainly face 22 civil lawsuits. Then, when he returns to the field, the in-stadium slander will be waiting on away games and from the media as well which already started yesterday.

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