Berner has always been a beloved artist who has become more than just a rapper. The man is also an entrepreneur in the cannabis world, and his brand has been lauded by many of his contemporaries and fans alike. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that many were shocked and upset when he revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer back in October.Berner kept the specifics of his diagnosis under wraps, although he did receive an outpouring of support.

Now, five months later, Berner has received some excellent news from his doctors. In a post to Instagram, Berner revealed that he is cancer-free. Of course, the cancer could come back, however, for now, he can rest easy knowing that he is currently in remission.


Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty

Per Berner:

“The fight is nowhere close to over , it’s a life long battle , but currently after my last tests I’m cancer free at the moment and it Feels great , UCSF did a such a good job with the surgery and even though chemo was tuff , i am glad I did it and feel positive about my future. More greens , more life and less stress moving forward . I do want all my followers to stay vigilant about your bodies , I talked with my oncologist yesterday and the rise in cases for the black and brown community and colon cancer is extremely high especially for people in their 30’s and that is scary as hell . If I didn’t address and find this when I did I would of been dead in 6 months to a year . Catching cancer early is the best way to beat it . Other then that , we gotta exercise , eat clean and focus on positivity . I’m ready to get back outside and kick ass!”

This is certainly great news, and we would like to say congratulations to Berner for this incredible news. Hopefully, he is able to stay happy and healthy during these uncertain times.