Zion Williamson hasn’t been able to play any games this season due to a foot injury. Fans have been disappointed with this predicament, and there have been a ton of rumors surrounding Zion’s conditioning, as well as his love for the game of basketball. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that whenever Zion appears in public or reveals himself on social media, fans are eager to react and give their commentary.

Recently, Zion decided to take to his Instagram story, which is most certainly a rare occurrence. Surprisingly, this IG story was, indeed, basketball-related, and it most definitely sent shockwaves throughout the NBA world.

Zion Williamson

Mark Brown/Getty Images

In the clip below, you can see Zion unleash a pretty incredible dunk in which he goes between the legs, all while showing a pretty built-up frame. The ferocity of the dunk is honestly quite shocking, especially after having gone through so much with his injury recovery. Having said that, it still remains to be seen when Zion will be able to come back to the court, especially since there are only about 10 games left this season.

Either way, this should be a good sign for all of the Pelicans fans out there, who just want Zion to be healthy. If there is one thing this clip proves, it is that he is still a freakish athlete.