Weeks after declaring that Joe Rogan wasn’t a racist for saying the n-word, Freddie Gibbs has returned to crack jokes at the podcast host’s expense. Rogan famously became the subject of controversy after a resurfaced compilation video of him saying “n*gger” and calling a Black neighborhood “Planet of the Apes” circulated online. Several of his supporters stated that he was wrong for saying the racial slur, and many like Gibbs denied that Rogan was a racist.

More recently, Gibbs visited the comedic Kill Tony Show where he joined Rogan and others on a panel before the rapper delivered a few jokes. “The world is changing,” said Gibbs. “Joe Rogan said n*gga and sh*t.” The panel began to laugh before Rogan chimed in.

Joe Rogan
Carmen Mandato / Staff / Getty Images 

“It’s been years, it’s been years!” Rogan replied. Gibbs didn’t let him off that easy.

“Nah, n*gga, that wasn’t years. That was days,” the rapper joked. “He said every n*gga in Philly look like a monkey. Joe, let me tell you something, n*gga. You lucky, I got family in Philadelphia because they was coming there to f*ck you up. I held all n*ggas back on behalf of Joe. Y’all give me a round of applause, n*gga.”

Rogan gave his thanks and Gibbs fired off subtle jabs before everyone moved on. Check out the episode in its entirety below.