The Game‘s feud with Dr. Dre/Interscope Records escalated over the past few weeks after his appearance on Drink Champs. The Compton rapper sparked a viral moment when he claimed that Kanye West did more for him in a matter of weeks than Dr. Dre has his entire career. Fans quickly refuted this claim but no matter what, it was evident that The Game had plenty of issues with Interscope’s head honchos, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

It seems that the tension between The Game and Jimmy Iovine is real. A video surfaced this week where The Game and Iovine crossed paths at the Lakers vs. 76ers game at the Staples Center without even looking at each other. This sparked plenty of reactions, including a post from 50 Cent that spurred a heated back-and-forth between the G-Unit frontman and his former artist.

Fif wasn’t the only one to chime in on the matter. Royce Da 5’9″ also used the opportunity to ride with The Game and call out Jimmy Iovine. One clip was from an interview where Jimmy Iovine said that there weren’t many partnerships between Black and White people. “I don’t know why a white guy and a Black guy doesn’t start more businesses together,” he said. 

Royce then shared another post with the Game and Iovine briefly crossing paths at the Lakers game, writing, “The music biz in 2 slides,” along with a peace sign emoji and an eye-rolling emoji. 

Ben Baller, who served as the VP of A&R at Aftermath, came to Iovine’s defense, claiming that the music executive is old and probably didn’t see Game. “Royce. I was Vice President of A&R for Aftermath and Jimmy Iovine helped me get my job with Dre even tho I knew Dre. Real talk? He did this to me 2x at a lakers game and now we work together again! He’s old bro. He probably didn’t even know Game,” he said. In Iovine’s defense, The Game was rocking a full face mask so it wasn’t like he was easily identifiable, and Game even stated that he didn’t see Jimmy Iovine.