December 2, 2023

Doja Cat Apologizes to Fans After Announcing She’s Quitting Music


Doja Cat is having a change of heart.

Just days after announcing that she was quitting music amid an uproar from fans, the “Kiss Me More” rapper is making amends for her comments in which she appeared to sound ungrateful.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Doja reflected on the life her success and global fanbase have afforded her.

“I can travel, I can eat good food, I can see new people, I can smile,” she wrote. “I can make memories that I dreamed of having, I can laugh, I can support my family and my friends, I can learn about the world, and I can give back to everyone because of you.”

In a reversal from her previous statements, she added, “I do owe people shit. I owe a lot.”

Doja came under fire when she failed to acknowledge fans in Paraguay after her show was canceled due to the weather. She was met with backlash from her supporters, some who waited outside her hotel.

At the time, Doja made no apologies for the missed show. “I’m not sorry,” she wrote before calling it quits on her music career. “This shit ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care.”

After returning to the stage for a show in Brazil on Friday, Doja backed down from her previous remarks. “I owe myself a lot too. I owe myself the chance to open up and be good to people,” she said. “I owe myself the death of my fears that don’t allow me to expand my heart. I didn’t come to another country to do something i can do everywhere else. that would be pointless in a way.”

She also came to the realization that she wants to embrace new experiences and give back to those who’ve given to her. “I came here because I knew there was something new. New people. New things. New stories to learn. I came and I gave not enough. I need to give more because I noticed I’ve been taking a lot. Taking from almost everybody who’s reading this.”

She retweeted her own comment, “don’t ask me for shit,” adding, “This is an example of me not reciprocating all the shit that’s been given to me. This was 2 hours ago. Don’t forget it but don’t take it to heart because it doesn’t benefit you or anybody else. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for shit because I love you.”

In response to her tweet saying “I’m not sorry,” Doja recanted, “I am.”

She continued to acknowledge her fans for their support. “I’m not discrediting myself. I work my ass off. I know that. It’s tiring but i’m not suffering because of people like you,” said Doja. “My suffering comes from myself. Not everybody else. It’s my problem but you guys always help me solve it when you support me the way you’ve been.”

Starting in July, Doja is scheduled to join The Weeknd on his “After Hours Til Dawn” global stadium tour.

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